Powder Coating

Our continued effort to maintain an environmentally safe workplace has been proven with their recently updated 7 stage washer. Starting with the nucleus of all powder coating systems, Watry boasts a 7 stage stainless steel washer supplied with award-winning BASF phosphate-free Nanotechnology chemistry. This ensures the highest level of cleanliness promoting excellent adhesion for both steel and aluminum. As parts exit the 7th stage they pass through a pure R.O. rinse advancing them to the state of the art Nordson auto booth fully capable of reclaiming powders to help save powder cost for the customer.

Chemical titrations are done twice daily to validate the wash system is performing 100% at all times during the production day.

Watry’s massive 1300 feet of conveyor is capable of single load points of 80 pounds and accommodating part sizes of 30″ w x 42″ h x 72″ l. Maximum line speeds of 15 fpm can also be achieved.

Watry's powder team was recently honored with a "supplier of the year award" from a local manufacturer.

Watry chemical check image.

Chemical Check

One of Watry’s trained technicians performs chemical checks on the wash system twice daily to ensure the 7 stage washer is running at its optimal performance.

Watry work instructions image.

Work Instructions

Every order is reviewed by Watry’s line lead to verify how parts should be hung, spaced, masked, and cured to guarantee they meet customers specifications.

Watry mil thickness check image.

Mil Thickness

Multiple times throughout the day our trained technicians perform mil thickness tests on customer parts to verify we are meeting the thickness specifications.

High Quality Systems

Watry has been qualified for the B&S 550k, JD F17X2, and HD EOS805-07011 paint specs which proves the robust performance of their washer and powder system. All parts are painted within an environmentally controlled room ensuring stability and proper application of the powders. Additionally, there is a separate climate-controlled room where all powder is stored separately maximizing performance and shelf life.

Per customer request, film thickness, gloss readings, and cure tests can be performed to ensure all parts meet stringent customer demands.

Infrared Oven

The newest addition to the powder system is an in-line infrared oven. This new oven is especially helpful when painting larger castings as parts can be pre-heated before the oven guaranteeing total cure of parts while maintaining production line speeds. Parts pass through a cooling tunnel after the cure is complete bringing the parts down to a safe handling and packaging temperature.

Additional Features

  • Extensive masking
  • Pad printing of text or logos
  • Specialized packaging
Watry's infrared powder coating.


Watry’s infrared oven jump-starts the cure profile on parts, allowing efficient line speeds and total cure on larger parts.

Watry's cooling tunnel.

Cooling Tunnel

Brings temperatures down, allowing line speeds to remain at production rates and immediate unloading and packaging.

Learn how our powder system can take your products to the next level.