About Us

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Our Services

Watry’s capabilities extend far beyond your typical permanent mold foundry. As your single source for permanent mold castings, we can reduce your transportation costs and eliminate the headaches that arise in dealing with subcontractors.

Our Vision

At Watry we provide Full Turnkey Aluminum cast parts, fully machined, Powder coated, assembled or any other optional finish and process.  This allows our customers to purchase a completed component from one centrally located supplier.

Our Mission

Watry’s mission is to:

  • Lower Production Costs
  • Lower Transportation Costs
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Lower Inventory
  • And Most of All…
    Fewer Headaches!

Watry Service Representatives

Phone: 920-457-4886 Ext. 287 Cell: 920-254-1224 Email: tforsterling@watry.com

Tom Forsterling

Powder Coat Sales Manager
Phone: 920-457-4886 Ext. 228 Email: dtestroete@watry.com

Danielle TeStroete

Customer Service
Phone: 920-457-4886 Ext. 381 Email: driege@watry.com

Dee Riege