Casting Design Consultation

The key to any successful casting project launch is proper casting design. If proper casting design criteria are ignored, the possibility of cost and manufacturing problems exists. Watry prefers to work closely with our customers in the design phase of their projects so that proper casting design and optimal manufacturing techniques can be incorporated from the start, avoiding design changes later in the project. Casting price can be minimized from the start. Watry prides itself in its up front value engineering – where it is most cost effective.

Initial Planning

We offer full engineering support, from product inception to full production, utilizing Magma Solidification Modeling for quick and efficient mold flow analysis. This reduces tooling costs, lead time and improves casting yields. We can help enhance your design while providing superior product performance.

Let us be your single source supplier for casting design/consultation, mold design and build, casting, heat treating, precision machining and assembly.

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