Why Choose Watry?

Watry Industries has one of the most modern permanent mold foundries in the country. Whenever possible we utilize robotics in the pouring and casting extraction process as well as material handling to maximize uptime and through-put. Watry’s universal mold mounting system minimizes set-up time while maximizing versatility between various casting work centers. Castings are manufactured right the first time and delivered on-time.

The gravity permanent mold casting process provides greater detail than sand casting. Machined dimensions can be precisely placed and sized for superior overall dimensional accuracy. Our permanent mold process fits in between high-pressure die cast and sand casting methods for cost effective tooling, while providing a higher integrity casting with excellent repeatability.

Our permanent mold process provides:

  • Cost-effective tooling
  • High-integrity castings
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Higher-quality surface finish
Quality casting image.

Our Castings Include

  • Low unit costs
  • Long tool life
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Less porosity
  • Superior mechanical characteristics