Watry’s Large Volume Powder Coating Capabilities

Watry Industries is a mid to large volume powder coating supplier. We also offer powder coating on permanent mold castings produced in-house. We are experts at the nuances of painting parts produced in all casting processes, as well as powder application on stampings, extrusions, weldments and assemblies. Powder coating at Watry is not limited to aluminum alloys, as we also do extensive painting on steel, iron and other alloys.

Watry’s overhead, conveyorized, powder coating operation begins with a seven stage wash system. We are able to process parts up to 36 by 54 by 72 inches with weights up to 100 pounds and more. The all-stainless steel washer includes a RO rinse and RO halo in the final stages to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Watry believes pre-treatment of the product is the key to proper paint adhesion and our washer’s chemical stages are maintained within strict limits on a daily basis.

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One of Watry’s unique capabilities is the application of high temperature powders, which can be very difficult to spray and are often quite expensive. Our ability to reclaim the powder that does not adhere to the part during the application process helps control overall cost. Watry is capable of masking features before painting as well as blowing off over spray in areas where masking is not practical.

Watry’s roof mounted cure oven, encompassing over 250 feet of conveyor track and operating at temperatures up to 500 degrees F, can cure powder on the largest and heaviest parts at higher line speeds, helping to control overall painting costs.

Watry’s strict quality control system and procedures include film thickness checks, adhesion testing, color verification and paint hardness testing to ensure compliance to our customers’ most demanding requirements.

We can pad print logos, symbols and text over the powder coated finishes and provide silk screening of larger details.

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All powder application equipment is fully enclosed in a temperature and humidity controlled environmental room to ensure proper application and powder conditions.

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  • Work sizes up to 36″w x 54″h x 72″l
  • Full line weight capacity 21,200 lbs.
  • Line speeds up to 15′ per minute
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